01.04.-05.04.2019, HANOVER/GERMANY

Hannover Messe 2019: Focus on the driving forces behind
intelligent industry

The companies in Halls 5, 6, 7 and 8 are developing and supplying the prerequisites for what will be the lead theme of the world’s foremost industrial technology show in 2019: Integrated Industry – Industrial Intelligence. This refers to the digital networking of humans and machines in the age of artificial intelligence.

No manufacturing company nowadays can afford to ignore pattern recognition, neural networks, machine learning, deep learning or knowledge-based processing. Artificial intelligence is therefore one of the keynote themes at Hannover Messe. At Digital Factory, the exhibiting companies showcase solutions that learn autonomously from the enormous volume of digitized production data, are self-optimizing, predict machine downtime and significantly accelerate Industry 4.0 processes.

The platform economy is another topic of major importance. It plays a crucial role in mechanical and plant engineering as a basis for the development of new business models and digital services. This is not just about which IoT solution best connects humans, machines and processes and thus forms the ideal operating system for Industry 4.0. For example, digital platforms provide a very direct benefit by reducing transaction costs and facilitating network effects.

Two other topics will be attracting even more attention in 2019. The first is data analytics. This involves software that uses intelligent data analysis to help industry reduce the consumption of energy and resources and at the same time improve the flexibility, agility and quality of production processes. Data analytics solutions can be found throughout the Digital Factory halls. The second topic is blockchain, which will have its own exhibition area at Hannover Messe. Blockchain can be used to verify contracts, monitor supply chains or protect networked systems in the IoT from cyber attacks and disruptions. Blockchain will be located in Hall 6 in the immediate vicinity of the Industrial Security exhibition area and forum. As the use of artificial intelligence increases, the issues of IT security and data sovereignty are, of course, a significant challenge. Companies can work with data only if it is securely and globally available in the long term.

In addition to blockchain and industrial security, other topics in Halls 5 and 6 include engineering software, cloud solutions, platforms and services, virtual reality and additive manufacturing. Hall 7 will showcase business software as well as SCM solutions, IT solutions and consulting, and embedded systems. Finally, Hall 8 marks the transition to the Automation area featuring the Industry 4.0 Forum, Industry 4.0 initiatives and political platforms, and the SmartFactory/Intelligent Manufacturing area.

Innovation drivers at Hannover Messe’s new Industrial Pioneers Summit will therefore be addressing the question of what comes after Industry 4.0 in a discussion on 02.04.2019. The aim of the conference is to work out forward-looking developments and scenarios for the time when digitization, artificial intelligence, human-machine collaboration and the platform economy have long become a normality.

In addition, the supporting program at Hannover Messe will include a variety of events designed to increase participants’ knowledge in specific areas of the digital factory and enabling them to connect with experts. These include the 11th MES Conference for producers and users in the manufacturing and process industry, the CAE Forum on numerical simulation, 3D visualization and additive manufacturing, and the one-day Additive Manufacturing Symposium focusing on the use of new 3D printing methods in mechanical engineering and on new hardware and materials in additive manufacturing.

The next Hannover Messe will be held from 01.04.-05.04.2019 in Hanover/Germany, featuring six parallel shows as well as special showcases for startups and career starters, plus over 90 conferences and forums. It will put the spotlight on Sweden as its official Partner Country 2019.

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Hannover Messe 2019: Focus on the driving forces behind intelligent industry

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