Innovative cyclone and simulation technology from aixprocess

aixprocess has longstanding expertise in particulate systems with the particle simulation software “Barracuda Virtual Reactor” for fluidized systems and such with high solids loadings. Our services range from the basic engineering, trouble shooting to detail engineering and the supply of aggregates. Our portfolio is round off by specifically designed separators such as multi cyclones, uniflow cyclones, hydro-cyclones and the Hurriclon.

Based on comprehensive experimental and numerical investigations ­aixprocess is able to tailor the separator for each individual task considering specific material properties without forgetting about other needs as space requirements or already existing fittings.

Barracuda VR enables us and other industrial users, within an easy to use GUI, besides the simulation of high laden cyclones also the detailed simulation of the important class of industrial fluidization processes including reacting, catalytic and non-reacting particulates. ­Barracuda VR was developed exclusively for accurate simulation of systems having a flow of gas or liquids which contain a high load of particulate solids and therefore handles easily regions with very dilute flow and regions with close pack in one calculation domain.


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