Jürgen Lutter now authorized as signatory

On 07.12.2018, company stakeholders and management agreed to appoint Jürgen Lutter as authorized signatory for the companies Calcis Lienen GmbH & Co. KG and Calcis Warstein GmbH & Co. KG.

Mr. Lutter joined the company in 1983 as a building material examiner. Until 1990, he was exclusively responsible for the areas laboratory and applied technology. In 1990, he assumed the post of sales/marketing manager for unfired and, somewhat later, fired lime products. His appointment as commercial agent followed in 2014. As a calcium silicate industry specialist, he speaks at master craftsman seminars in the calcareous sandstone industry and serves on a number of committees within the German lime industry.

Calcis is a mid-range group of companies with three locations in Germany, where the full practicable range of quicklime and hydrated lime products, plus unfired products, are produced. The plants’ technical capacity totals approx. 500 000 t/a fired products and 200 000 t/a unfired products. In mid-2011, a new parallel-flow regenerative (PFR) firing system based on a Synthesis 85 kiln by QualiCal (Bergamo, Italy) was commissioned at the Warstein plant. An identical unit has since been installed at the Lienen plant, too.

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