Keeping up to speed

Lifelong learning is essential in the fast-moving times in which we live today as the constantly changing requirements are high.

Besides the technical side, new, usually stricter regulations make it necessary to stay on the ball and maintain plant equipment at the state of the art.

There are plenty of possibilities for this. In recent weeks, industry professionals have been able to inform themselves about the latest insights at various meeting and congresses. Besides the 14th Conference and Exhibition of Cement Business & Industry 2017 (CBI), which took place in São Paulo/Brazil in February, the biennial Weimar Gypsum Conference was also held in Germany in March. We report on these two events starting on page 30.

In May and June too, meetings and conferences are inviting attendees to update their knowledge, whether at the 59th Annual IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference to be held in Calgary, A­lberta/Canada from 21.05.–26.05.2017 or the Refra 2017 in Prague/Czech Republic from 30.05.–01.06.2017.

Naturally, as a trade journal, we also offer you an ideal opportunity for further learning, with concise news on the latest happenings in the industry, with the presentation of new products, market surveys on relevant topics, reports from the field and papers on the latest research findings.

In this issue, from page 4, you can find out about new projects worldwide and more in the current news. We highlight interesting developments in new products in our products preview from page 16. The latest trends and future development in alternative fuels are covered by the market review from page 50. This article will deal with the major trends, while highlighting country trends, cement producer trends, technical trends, as well as market drivers and barriers.

In the paper entitled “Engineering design of mechanical equipment for the production of cement on the basis of configurators”, research findings from Russia will be presented.

Wishing you interesting reading!


Anett Fischer
ZKG International


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