US 2020/0317568 A1

Method for the production of Portland cement composition with low embodied energy and carbon for abrasion resistant concrete and mortar

(22) 26.03.2020

(43) 08.10.2020

(57) Portland cement has high embodied energy and embodied carbon associated with its manufacture. In many construction applications, the need for concrete and mortar abrasion resistance requires the consumption of significantly higher amounts of Portland cement for higher concrete and mortar compressive strength. The invention comprises a new method for producing a chemically inert, low embodied energy and carbon mineral additive, with specific hardness and particle size, during Portland cement manufacturing that replaces a significant portion of the Portland cement by mass in the final composition. Alternatively, the mineral additive is produced separately and combined with Portland cement. The resulting mineral additive Portland cement composition has significantly lower embodied energy and carbon and imparts significantly higher abrasion resistance to concrete and mortar.

(71) Richard Bueble, Calgary (CA)


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