Multi-level security concept for network protection in the Industry 4.0

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) or “Industry 4.0” allows companies in the manufacturing industry to make enormous innovative and productive leaps. However, this development also generates considerable new risks for companies: With machines and tools independently executing digital commands, new digital channels open up which offer new opportunities of industrial espionage for cyber criminals. If the Industry 4.0 is to become an economic success, cyberattacks as well as network errors have to be detected and prevented in time. Conventional security solutions are no longer suitable for this kind of challenge.

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is presenting a multi-level security concept for network protection in the Industry 4.0. This concept consists of two parts: One of them is the R&S Industrial Network Analytics solution. It comprises the IP Probe R&S Net Sensor and the analytics platform R&S Net Reporter, which provides real-time information about a network’s behavior. This allows for an early detection of problems that are caused by infected machine controls, misconfigurations, or potential cyber-attacks. The other components of the security concept are the gateprotect Firewalls from the...

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