Natural, modified and saturated zeolites as additives in Portland cement

The results show that cement with the addition of various zeolites (natural zeolite, zeolite modified with Fe(III) ions and zeolite saturated with Pb ions) applies as a supplementary cementitious material. The obtained results indicate that natural zeolites, Fe(III)-modified zeolites and zeolites from aqueous Pb ion extraction can be used as additives in cement.

1 Introduction

The contemporary cement industry has faced the challenge of producing more sustainable, less energy consuming and more durable products without reducing the mechanical properties of the final product. One of the most widespread developments in the conventional production process is the blending of supplementary cementitious materials or pozzolans with ordinary Portland cement [1].The replacement of a specific amount of cement clinker with pozzolans results in a proportional decrease in the economic and environmental cost of the end product. Moreover, the use of pozzolans in...

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