New online elemental analyzer delivers real-time ­results to cement manufacturers

Cement manufacturers that require an easy-to-use quality control solution that delivers rapid analyses of a wide range of materials can now rely on a new online elemental analyzer designed to provide real-time, accurate results.

The Thermo Scientific CB Omni Fusion analyzer is designed to meet the demands and challenges of cement plant operators and quality control personnel seeking efficient analytical methods to produce and control the quality of cement products. With this unique system, users can choose either an electrically-driven neutron generator or an isotope, Californium (252Cf), as the analyzer’s excitation source. This enables them to continuously measure the elemental composition of the entire raw material stream carried on a conveyor belt.

The analyzer features Omni View, a new software interface suite. It is flexible and highly configurable, allowing users to set up the analyzer to best match their process requirements. The advanced software can run on an unlimited number of workstations. Providing greater precision and repeatability than previous generations of the instrument, the CB Omni Fusion analyzer is easy to install, use and maintain. This makes it accessible to all plant personnel who require high sensitivity and real-time analysis.

Additional benefits of the Thermo Scientific CB Omni Fusion analyzer include:

AutoDiagnostics software to track system health and operational conditions

Modular design for ease of installation on existing conveyor trusses; and

One to four large volume detectors and variable tunnel heights to accommodate process conditions

The Thermo Scientific CB Omni Fusion analyzer, which can also be used for elemental analysis in the sinter ore, scrap steel and mineral production processes, builds upon the family of Thermo Scientific CB Omni analyzers, including the CB Omni and CB Omni Flex.

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