New service features for dust collectors help reduce energy use and operating costs

Donaldson Company, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of innovative filtration products and solutions, has added three new features to iCue™ Connected Filtration Service’s continually evolving list of performance monitoring and data acquisition capabilities.

The subscription-based iCue service remotely monitors a facility’s dust collection equipment and provides operational insights directly to end users. This information can help manufacturers reduce unplanned downtime, support efficient maintenance and operations, and automatically capture compliance and sustainability data. The three new features are the eighth release of the ongoing capability and improvement updates to the service since its launch 24 months ago. The three new features are:

Fan energy monitoring allows users to assess the energy demands of a dust collector, with both fan power and daily energy use metrics. Reducing energy consumption is a key initiative for many manufacturers’ sustainability goals and dust collectors can be large consumers of energy. This data can help users balance the costs of filter replacement with energy usage

Bin level monitoring alerts users when dust collector bins are nearly full, removing guesswork about when to empty bins, and preventing filter damage and the mess caused by dust overflow. This sensor is especially useful in operations where bins fill frequently

Pulse valve health monitoring has been expanded to work on collectors with up to three (from original support of one) manifolds to help detect compressed air problems or failed pulse valves that can affect filter life. This feature helps users prevent unplanned downtime and emergency repairs

The iCue Connected Filtration Service can be retrofitted to most existing Donaldson and non-Donaldson dust collectors and is provided free of charge for six months on select Donaldson dust collector models sold in Europe, Canada and the United States.


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