New silicone resin-based hydrophobic powder for the drymix market

Impact of the addition of silane, siloxane or silicone resin-based hydrophobic powders on cement-based drymixes is illustrated. Effect of silicone hydrophobic powder addition on water absorption of cement-based mortar is described as well as the positive impact on deleterious phenomena such as efflorescence or color fading. New silicone resin-based powder is described.

1 Introduction

The porous structure of construction materials based on ordinary Portland cement leads to their high sensitivity to capillary water absorption. Control of water absorption is therefore key to reducing various kinds of water-induced damage such as efflorescence, staining, spalling due to freeze-thaw cycles, chemical attack and corrosion to rein­forcing steel. A number of solutions have been used in the past to decrease water absorption such as the post-treatment of water repellents or the use of so-called “hydrophobic admixtures” within the cement matrix itself to provide integral...

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