New sustainable cement from Holcim White

Holcim White has expanded its product portfolio. The company has up to now supplied two white cements – CEM I 52.5 – quick and CEM I 52.5 – slow – that differ, primarily, in their curing kinetics. Holcim has now added CEM II/ A-LL 52.5 N to its range. This Portland-limestone cement ensures exactly the same quality and ease of working as the other two binders, but is additionally notable for its ecological sustainability. This product’s CO2 balance has been cut by 10 % compared to similar cement types, since less clinker is required for its production. It also convinces with its improved water-retention capacity and low susceptibility to segregation. Concrete prepared using it is therefore extremely supple, and can be easily pumped.

White cement

Like Holcim’s two other tried and proven white cements, CEM II/ A-LL 52.5 N is also suitable for aesthetically demanding concrete surfaces. Its most important applications will include visible concrete components, concrete products and terrazzo flooring, to mention only a few. Thanks to its low water demand, it is particularly recommended for the ready-mixed concrete and paving sectors. The addition of pigments makes significantly more brilliant colours achievable than with grey cements. This white cement also provides optimum preconditions for accurate repetition of colours - which is also the reason that many producers use white cement even where the finished concrete element is to be grey.


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