New technology laboratory for Buzzi Unicem

In 2019, Buzzi Unicem and the Vercelli campus of the University of Eastern Piedmont (UPO) entered an agreement to increase the level of expertise in the construction materials sector and work together on developing innovative solutions.

Buzzi Unicem will operate out of the modern spaces on the UPO campus in Vercelli where it will perform research and development activities and chemical, physical and instrumental analyses within a dynamic and stimulating environment, while supporting the cultural and scientific growth of the students and teaching staff. The goal of the agreement is to take advantage of the synergies between the basic research typically performed in academia and the applied research approach of industry. UPO will thus be able to expand its educational offerings in materials science and technology by providing students and researchers with research and work experience within a business environment. 

The name chosen for the new laboratory, “Built”, is an acronym for Buzzi Unicem Innovation Lab and Technology. The Built brand name is graphically versatile and can be used on many communications media. 

In a market that is increasingly geared towards sustainability, where businesses and consumers are becoming more focused on environmental issues, the construction sector and its entire supply chain are also undergoing a period of transformation. Researchers and students in the new laboratory will work on solutions for reducing the CO2 impacts of cement and concrete, in keeping with the European decarbonization objectives.


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