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Dear Readers,

One of the biggest cement events will now also take place digitally at the end of May – the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference. The ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum team is registered, excited and expectant. Certainly, the exchange is different when you meet, sit opposite each other and look each other in the eye – but I think it‘s definitely better than not meeting and exchanging ideas at all. Especially at these times, it is important not to give up, to look for contacts and to stay in touch and updated.

So this issue is dedicated to the current topics of cement production as well as the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference. Digitalization has experienced an upswing in the current situation, and one area that is currently being hotly discussed and further developed is artificial intelligence. Read the article „From process control to quality prediction: Artificial intelligence in clinkering process control“ starting on page 28.

The Federal Association of the German Lime Industry (Bundesverband der Deutschen Kalkindustrie e. V.) presents its Roadmap 2050. Which technologies can make it possible to achieve climate neutral lime production by 2050? Following this contribution, a “Lime-based solid-bed reactor for CO2 separation from exhaust gases” is presented. The basic idea of this process is that the reaction enthalpy released during exothermic CO2 uptake when flowing through a lime-based solid reactor is directly reused for endothermic calcination (see article p. 26).

Our news section in particular is a treasure trove of forward-looking projects and new ideas for technologies and products.

Have an entertaining time

Dr. Petra Strunk


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