Opening of the Möllers Group Academy

On 31.05.2016, the new Möllers Group Academy was ceremonially opened at the Möllers Group headquarters in Beckum/Germany. The company presented its new in-house training center to numerous international guests, customers and business partners, who accepted the invitation to attend the opening of the new training hall covering a total area of 1250 m². The construction period took about nine months with a total investment volume of € 3 million. The central hall containing the Full Line is complemented by some seminar facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology. These seminar rooms offer the opportunity to implement the theoretical knowledge, while the Full Line provides practical training in the form of machinery workshops. The training programs given by the competence teams are flexible thanks to modular alignment of the Full Line components. They can be ideally matched to the training requirements of the individual participants.

Since 1952 the Möllers Group has been living the concept “Full Line. High Quality” in material filling through palletizing and packing to loading. In the Möllers Group Academy within the Full Line, proven and manifold distinguished components are presented alongside innovations, for example the sack turning device.

With precise palletizing, optimum preconditions are created for secure product transport. In the Academy a palletizer of the series PLS-C proves itself, effortlessly handling materials which possess low shape consistency or sacks which are hard to palletize. In addition to the palletizer, the core of the Full Line is formed by the stretching machine from the Möllers Group, the HSA Vario. The hood thereby created protects the load mechanically thanks to mature technologies as well as against ambient conditions.

With the palletless technology the film is shipping unit, transport security and weather-protection in one. Its flexible equipment enables the manufacture of alternative load units for various requirements in worldwide goods transport. With the patented system, awarded as environmentally-friendly and economic, the turning device functions electrically thanks to the Möllers Group innovation – employment of hydraulic oils are dispensed with. The sack turning element allows palletless packaging with a 180 degree turnaround of the bags in order to provide them with a second protective hood.

Within the framework of the training, packing solutions with and without pallets are made to come alive. The Full Line from the Möllers Group ­Academy shows itself to be as flexible as the requirements of the markets worldwide. The latest machine generation is presented in the workshop hall – specially equipped with additional modules which show the current developments of the Möllers Group.

With the opening of the Academy, the Möllers Group reinforces its headquarters in Beckum as a central service-, technology and research site. In the Möllers Group Academy the company offers a further service: customers can test with their own products the high quality, handling and functionality of Möllers system technology. Moreover, test runs can be performed with customers’ products on their behalf.

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