FB KETTEN | Powtech 2019 | 2.120

Optimised chain solutions

FB Ketten will be showing a number of products which have been developed especially for bulk handling. One of which is FB rEVOLUTION scraper chains.

These combine the wear resistance of drop forged link chains with the innovative and field-proven features of modern welded conveyor chains.

FB rEVOLUTION scraper chains are lighter, offer a bigger bearing surface and more space for welding attachments which is very important for scraper chains.

Split sprockets save 70-90 % of replacement cost

Also on display are a number customized sprockets which come into their own when the engineering time taken to remove sprockets involves the dismantling of large parts of the drive or when multiple sprockets are fitted on the same shaft.

These sprockets save a lot of time and money altough the spare part costs might be slighly higher than solid sprockets.

Split sprockets or sprockets with exchangable toot rims will limit downtime and save a lot on maintenance and replacement costs

On-site service all over Europe

FB have more than 45 chain-application-technicians working across central Europe, UK and Scandinavia. They are available for on-site- consultations to optimize chain applications.

In the last 10 years FB has been rapidly growing experience in thermal power plants, recycling and cement factories. 

Original formed in 1906 in Sweden conveyor chain production is now in Pori, Finland at the FB KETJU which is the biggest company in the FB group.

FB Ketten offer regular chain service including wear measurements. This can protect customers from serious damage, which in the worst case can lead to unplanned stops of plant and machinery with great financial damage.




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