PSP compact – a modular production system for sand-lime blocks

Since Lasco’s Vario-block Technology was introduced in 2006, the system has been successively refined and sophisticated for inclusion in the planar-element system and put to use in close cooperation with customers as one of the most flexible systems of all for the cost-efficient production of vario-blocks and accessories.

The modular production system now available from Lasco covers not only the vario-block press itself, but also:

green-block saws

masonry-chase saws

green-block crushers with waste material recovery

product-identification printers for product tracking function

stacking robots

curing-car code-decode systems

The entire production control setup is built up around wall-unitization software that works from the architect’s construction drawings to create wall masonry plans. In the next step, the disposition software generates sets of data with optimized batches for controlling the vario-block press line.

One of Lasco’s most striking new developments is the vario-block press PSPcompact:

Conceived as a complement to the practice-proven PSP 460 press, it fits well into the modular concept of vario-block production lines. The basic objective is to optimize the moulding system for all applications involving up to four different wall thicknesses or moulds.

The mould box need not be shifted for format changeover, but merely inserted and hydraulically locked in place by the same kind of mould-changing system as that used in Lasco’s other sand-lime block presses.

For changing formats, the two side plates of the mould are moved symmetrically in or out with respect to the ­centre of the press and then locked in place to establish the new wall thickness. The practicable side-plate adjustment pattern corresponds to the wall-thickness range (115 mm, 150 mm, 175 mm, 200 mm, 240 mm and 300 mm). Simultaneously with this ­adjustment, the head plates fixed to the top and bottom punch are also changed auto­matically. This mould system helps make the vario-block press even more compact and ­accelerates the format changeover time.