EP3250721 (A1)

Partially continuous countercurrent process for converting
gypsum to ammonium sulfate and calcium carbonate

(22) 28.01.2016

(43) 06.12.2017

(57) Summary of the corresponding patent WO2016123301 (A1): The present invention includes a partially continuous countercurrent process for converting gypsum, by reaction with ammonium carbonate, to products of ammonium sulfate and calcium carbonate by introducing the reactants into reactors, mixing the reactants for a predetermined amount of time, employing a novel combination of countercurrent flows coupled with the reactors operated in a batch manner with process recycle of liquids, removing materials from the reactor and separating solids from solutions wherein no reactants are added during the removal process and thus the reactants have sufficient time to react and ensure the desired degree of reaction, yield and purity of product calcium carbonate and ammonium sulfate while minimizing the reaction time.

(71) Sparstane Technologies LLC (US)


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