Present challenges to be handled by the economic policy

134th Höxberg Talk, Beckum/Germany (26.01.2009)

About 750 participants accepted the invitation of the Employers’ Association of the Cement and Building Materials Industry (azb) and came to Beckum on 26.01.2009. During the ­“Höxberg Talks” (Fig. 2) Christian Wulff, the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony (Fig. 1), dealt mainly with the possibilities of supporting the small business in times of the economic crisis in his lecture “Present challenges to be handled by the economic policy”. He mentioned concrete examples of the federal state Lower Saxony to show that there still is “room for optimism” even in difficult economic times. ­
After a short...

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138. Höxberg Talk, Beckum/Germany (11.11.2010)

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Issue 09/2009

European Minerals Day 2009

The European Minerals Day 2009 welcomed approximately 30,000 visitors at more than 170 sites in 27 countries (22 in Europe and 5 in other parts of the world).

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Issue 7-8/2010

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Annual conference of the Federal German Association of the Lime Industry, Hamburg/Germany (17.06.2010)

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