Preventive maintenance ...

... is becoming increasingly important and will also be a key topic at the Hannover Messe. From 24.04.-28.04.2017, around 6500 exhibitors will be presenting typical applications, for example, for Industry 4.0, adaptive robots and technical solutions for the energy transition. One of the dominant focuses there is, naturally, Industry 4.0. However, integrated energy, machine learning and smart materials are also what everyone is talking about. The industry is faced with a wide range of technological possibilities, the usefulness of which is often quite difficult to gauge. The Hannover Messe provides a good opportunity to obtain new information, over and above everyday operations in the cement plant, on how the industry can develop further as a whole. What may often sound like visions of the future for us today already has a permanent place in other industries.

Predictive maintenance will be one of the key themes at the trade fair and is also becoming increasingly important for our industry to minimize downtimes and ensure optimum plant utilization. A section of the Hannover Messe is devoted to this topic within the framework of Industry 4.0. We will report on new solutions in the follow-up to the trade fair. How digitization is likely to spread in the cement industry is another exciting topic for the near future.

As a result of ever more complex technical solutions associated with exacting requirements for the c­ement plant operator and personnel, O&M contracts are becoming interesting in certain cases. What the current situation is and what can be expected in future is revealed in our market survey “Improving cement plant performance with O&M contracts” starting on page 30.

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Anett Fischer
ZKG International


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