US 2017/0066687 A1

Process of recycling paint waste

(22) 02.09.2016

(43) 09.03.2017

(57) A cement composition and a process are provided for recycling a waste material by using the waste in the manufacture of Portland cement. The process generally comprises mixing a first quantity of the waste material thoroughly with a second quantity of a solid material so as to produce a non-compacted additive. The non-compacted additive is applied to cement clinker, wherein the additive is utilized as a substitute for virgin ingredients normally used in the manufacture of the Portland cement. In an embodiment, the non-compacted additive comprises a consistency of wet earth which is readily pliable with the second quantity by weight not exceeding three times the first quantity by weight. The cement clinker is then pulverized so as to distribute the additive within the resulting Portland cement.

(71) James W. Price, Ventura, CA (US); David M. Long, Fullerton, CA (US)


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