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Issue 2018-12 GEP20186897 (B)

Method for cement production

(22) 02.02.2017 (43) 25.09.2018 (57) Cement production method includes burning clinker in a furnace at the temperature 1450°C, cleaning from a dust with filtration in a filter of furnace gas...

Issue 2017-7-8 WO 2017/080874 A1

Method for producing cement clinker

(22) 02.11.2016 (43) 18.05.2017 (57) In the method according to the invention, the cement clinker is produced by preheating, pre-calcinating and burning raw cement meal, wherein a portion of the raw...

Issue 2016-10 RU2593396 (C1)

Method of obtaining lime

(22) 17.03.2015 (43) 10.08.2016 (57) Field: technological processes. Substance: invention relates to production of lime for various purposes, including production of construction materials, and is...