RHI Magnesita discloses CO2 footprints for all products – important milestone towards green transformation

Being clearly committed to taking responsibility for a sustainable future, RHI Magnesita is proud, as the number one company within its industry, to make the CO2 footprints of its around 200000 products transparent and comparable.

“Competitiveness, sustainability and transparency are becoming increasingly connected, and valid data is key to laying the groundwork for sustainable decision-making. With full CO2 transparency for all our products, RHI Magnesita is establishing new standards for the refractory industry and is addressing our customers’ needs: suitable sustainable solutions can be now easily identified and included in product circles and sustainability reporting,” explains CSO Gustavo Franco.

All greenhouse gases from “cradle-to-gate”

As of now all RHI Magnesita’s Technical Data Sheets include a field “Environmental Indicators” in which the CO2 equivalent emission of 1 t of the product is listed. The calculation method for these indicators is developed with and supervised ongoingly by external experts under the principles of ISO standards. All greenhouse gases “cradle-to-gate”, from raw material extraction to production to packaging to gate are considered in these CO2 footprint calculations.

“This project marks an important milestone towards a green transformation. Thus, one of RHI Magnesita’s main targets is to significantly reduce emissions over the next few decades, with the long-term goal of achieving net-zero operations in all areas of the company. It is clear, that a solid basis for sustainable decisions and developments can only be achieved by creating a valid audited database,” Gustavo Franco adds.



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