Research on the influence of the carbon ­nanotubes injection method on cement composite properties

In the paper, various methods of CNT (carbon nanotubes) injection into cement composites are studied. Modified slurry mix is studied on setting time, heat emission development and chemical shrinkage. Physical and mechanical properties of the slurries modified with CNT and superplasticizer are observed.

1 Introduction

One of the ways of service properties development for heavy weight concrete is modification with chemical additives and carbon nanotubes (CNT). In the present state of the art, the study of properties of CNT modified concrete is our main interest [1]. There are several types of nano-additives. And the use of upstretched nanoparticles – for instance CNT – has been proven to be more efficient for mechanical properties development [2]. They have high strength, acid and alkali chemical inertness. CNT reinforces cement brick and serves as crystallization centers, making of it a...

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