Scheuch on a growth path

Since the beginning of 2016, the Scheuch Group has held a majority stake in US Company Camcorp in Lenexa/Kansas City. The US company Camcorp with around 70 employees is one of the frontrunners in the field of ventilation and environmental/air pollution control technology. The mid-size family company in the state of Kansas is considered the market leader in the North American market and generated sales of approximately 18 million US$ last year. With its expertise as a full-service provider of sales services, engineering and its own production, Camcorp represents a foothold for Scheuch to enter the US market. The acquisition will bring in an inorganic growth of approx. 20 million € for the Scheuch Group in 2016.

In order to secure the competitive edge in Austria in the long run, the Scheuch Group is focusing heavily on global markets. At the same time, business in the DACH region is still of great importance to the company. Today as in the past, Scheuch feels an obligation to its home region. Expansion of its international presence promises not only growth, but also provides security for the Innviertel site. True to the motto “think global, act local”, Scheuch ensures jobs in the region for the long term and currently provides livelihoods to 1000 employees and their families.

In 2015, the cornerstone for a hub in Southeast Asia was laid with the foundation of Scheuch Asia Ltd. This involves new territory for the Scheuch Group. The high economic efficiency connected with increasing environmental awareness is creating new potential in this region. Together with the sales team from Austria, a considerable number of orders have already been fixed. Continuous expansion of the customer network is the result of this strategy.

The Scheuch Group has set the goal of 200 million € of incoming orders for the business year 2016/2017. Among other things, this is to be achieved by the expansion of business activities in other important regions throughout the world, such as China, South America and the Middle East. Areas that have not yet been tackled will become the focus of the activities of Scheuch in the world markets.


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