Siemens launches MindSphere open industry cloud

Following the successful completion of its pilot phase, Siemens is now bringing the „MindSphere – Siemens Cloud for Industry“ onto the market. The platform will initially be available as a beta release, which will be continuously further developed. MindSphere has been designed as an open ecosystem that industrial companies can use as the basis for their own digital services, such as in the fields of preventive maintenance, energy data management or resource optimization. Machine manufacturers and plant constructors in particular can use the platform to monitor machine fleets for service purposes throughout the world, reduce their downtimes and consequently offer new business models. MindSphere also forms the basis for data-based services from Siemens, such as for the preventive maintenance of machine tools (Machine Tool Analytics) or integrated drive systems (Drive Train Analytics).

For connecting machines and plants to MindSphere irrespective of the manu-facturer, Siemens offers a connector box, which has been developed further based on experience gathered during the pilot phase and is now available under the name of “MindConnect Nano“. Further options for connecting to the MindSphere, including using a Software Development Kit, a software agent or by virtue of integration into Simatic, are set to be made available in future.


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