RU 2 667 951 C1

Supply device and cement residues processing plant

(22) 10.11.2015

(45) 25.09.2018

(57) Field: machine building. Substance: invention relates to the delivery device suitable for the unloaded cement residues reception, for example, from the concrete mixer, and for such residues transportation to the concrete slurry separator. Invention also relates to the cement residues aggregated particles processing device. Delivery device for feeding to the separator suitable for the aggregated particles separation from the cement residues for the said aggregated particles processing includes containing the liquid fluid medium tank, in which the aggregated particles to be processed are dispersed; main screw conveyor for the said fluid medium pick up from the tank collection zone and the fluid medium and contained in the said fluid medium aggregated particles movement towards the separator; at least one auxiliary screw conveyor located along the fluid transfer tank bottom surface in the said collection zone direction. Separator is selected from the group consisting of separator with the screw conveyor, a drum type separator, a separator with the vibrating screen. Effect: increase in the loading efficiency, as well as increase in the separator productivity and efficiency.

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