System solutions for industrial welding

Telescopic mast and multifunctional welding inverters make welding work easier

In the autumn of 2013, Kjellberg Finsterwalde showcased its capabilities as a system supplier for cutting and welding at one of the industry’s major fairs. Kjellberg’s multifunctional KUB welding inverters and a special telescopic mast with an articulated boom that also functions as an equipment bearer make welding work for heavy-duty structural steel significantly less strenuous.

The boom itself is also telescopic. The elements of the articulated mast can be extended and retracted as necessary, saving space in confined areas. The mast is height-adjustable and can be rotated through 360 degrees. The multi-kinematic telescopic mast was highlighted bearing a tandem welding head at the fair as just one outstanding example of the many Kjellberg system solutions available.

Kjellberg solutions also include the KUB series of multifunctional welding inverters. These compact inverters provide users with a flexible system that permits the use of a range of welding processes - the KUB 500i, KUB 1000i and KUB 1500i are universally usable for SMAW, TIG, submerged arc, MMAW and keyhole welding, and also for gouging. Kjellberg states that these models are sure to achieve easier welding work and significant investment-cost savings. KUB inverters featuring no-problem changeover from DC to AC will be available from 2014 on.

The focus of Kjellberg‘s Welding division has long been on all-in tailor-made systems for industrial users. The Fidur wear-protection system, featuring build-up welding plate, a build-up welding gantry and welding filler materials, plus the InFocus high-performance TIG process, which can be individually adapted to the specific joining task, were also on display at the Welding and Cutting show.


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