Tanga Cement launches second kiln to push production
of clinker up to 1.25 million t/a

On 16.08.2016, Tanga Cement Public Limited Company (TCPLC) launched its second kiln that will enable the expansion of clinker production from five hundred thousand tons to 1.25 million t/a.

Speaking during the kiln’s launch ceremony held in Tanga/Tanzania, the company’s Board Chairman, Lawrence Masha, said the total cost for the project was US$ 152 million from the agreed initial budget of US$ 165 million. “We are very glad to complete the project within the agreed timeframe and budget. We started to use the second kiln in the production of clinker late last year. This is a huge expansion of production capacity up to 150 %,” he said, adding that the second kiln will enable the company to meet the demand of the valuable raw material for the production of quality cement in the country.

Managing Director Reinhardt Swart noted that the safety and health of the plant’s employees is unmatched in the industry. “During construction of Kiln Two, Tanga Cement attained more than one million hours of safety,” he noted.



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