The Rembe brand is growing – ­restructuring and the birth of a new company

Rembe is a global player in the areas of explosion safety, pressure relief, industrial measurement and sampling. Its strong growth over recent years has led to significant restructuring – and the founding of a new company. Founded in 1973, Rembe now employs some 170 people from over 20 countries and generates sales of over € 30 million in more than 70 countries. Until now, the company had 3 divisions: Explosion Safety, Pressure Relief and ­Industrial Measurement.

The birth of a new company – Rembe Kersting GmbH

In 2015, a new company emerged: Rembe Kersting GmbH. Over the decades, Rembe‘s Industrial Measurement division and Kersting GmbH Sampling + Grounding have independently established strong reputations as experts in the bulk materials industry. Their achievements were the inspiration behind the decision to merge the two entities into Rembe ­Kersting GmbH. The new company combines all Rembe’s specialist knowledge in bulk materials and supplies everything its global customers require for measurement, weighing, sampling and grounding. With a strong focus on productivity, it equips bulk material companies in a wide range of sectors with measurement technology, samplers and electrostatic grounding systems. At Rembe Kersting, too, consulting, engineering and service complement the familiar product range of mass flow measurement, fill level control, sampler and ground monitoring technologies.

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