The future is today

The Internet of Things – which is an essential part of the German initiative Industrie 4.0 – is synonymous with the digitalization of industrial processes. A core element is that process industries become more intelligent. Cement companies, too, can profit from technologies that increase digitalization and at the same time tackle the challenges facing the industry.

1 Introduction

Immense cost pressures – Consolidation of market players – The need to construct new sites more quickly and efficiently: These are just some of the challenges companies in the cement industry have to deal with. Part of the answer can be found in how cement firms use technology to organize themselves and their business processes. Simply put, digitalization can serve as a valuable tool to help cement managers do their jobs even better.

2 More digitalization

The idea of expanding the use of technology and IT to gain a competitive advantage is nothing new. Basically, this is the...

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