The sector turns on ...

The economic crisis is still not over, but generally there is already hope and a small silver lining can be seen on the horizon for 2014. Already, the limits of growth have become an idea, so new business models have to be developed on time.

From this point of view you hold an issue in your hands, which documents the versatility and flexibility of this industry once again. It starts with an overview of the Federal Association of the German Lime Industry and an application report. Young researchers are awarded for their excellent quality of work, and their inventions were submitted to patent. Services and turnkey are established business models to be continued further and maintained, up to and including large and flexible marine cement terminals, which can be adapted to the cement market quickly. Of course, highly interesting reports about the new possibility of slag activation and the micro world of chemical reactions should not be missing. This time, there are insights into corrosion and the effects of additives.

Dr. Hubert Baier


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