WO 2021/189218 A1

Vertical mill having grinding roller with ball studs, and grinding roller and grinding disc

(22) 23.03.2020

(43) 30.09.2021

(57) Disclosed are a vertical mill having a grinding roller with ball studs, and a grinding roller and a grinding disc. The vertical mill comprises a grinding disc (4) and a grinding roller (5), wherein a plurality of uniformly arranged ball studs (6) are inserted into a grinding roller body (51) of the grinding roller (5) along the outer surface thereof; each ball stud (6) is inserted into an insertion hole (511) corresponding thereto of the grinding roller body (51); a grinding disc lining (7) is arranged at the position of the grinding disc (4) facing the top of the grinding roller (5); a plurality of ball studs (6) which are uniformly arranged and inserted into the inner wall thereof are also arranged in the inner wall of the grinding disc lining (7); and each ball stud (6) is provided with an exposed ball head part (61), an insertion part (62) and an insertion ball head part (63). The vertical mill with the structure, and the grinding roller and the grinding disc make the cement vertical mill form a stable material layer more easily, thereby reducing vibration, and the service life of the grinding roller and of the grinding disc lining is further prolonged, the running rate of an apparatus is further improved, and the ball studs are easy to mount and replace, and the replacement period thereof is relatively short.

(71) Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu 226600 (CN)


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