WO2018008887 (A1)

Waterproof vacuum container bag

(22) 28.06.2017

(43) 11.01.2018

(57) The present invention relates to a container bag for use in transporting, by land and sea, a large amount of granular materials such as grains or feeds and ore or wood chips, or powdered materials such as cement and flour and, specifically, to a waterproof vacuum container bag for preventing, when storing contents using a hopper or the like, the contents from being introduced, due to the backflow or recoiling, into a space between lining paper made of woven fabric and vinyl paper inserted into the outer periphery of the lining paper, which are components of an inner shell, thereby causing damage to the vinyl paper due to friction between the contents introduced between the lining paper and the vinyl paper during transportation, and for preventing an incomplete discharge of the contents introduced between the lining paper and the vinyl paper when discharging the contents.

(71) Seonglim Ind Co Ltd (KR)


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