Wedge – smart process data analysis in real time

In cement production, supposedly small problems in the production process can easily lead to high additional costs. A detailed error analysis is often a difficult, costly, and time-consuming procedure. With the Wedge software toolbox it is possible to evaluate all production processes using process data in real time – without any additional hardware. Wedge accesses existing databases and analyses both historical and real-time data. The generated results provide information about current and past problem areas and reveal possible trends. As a result, processes can be optimized, and the entire production can be made more efficient.

“Smart” process analysis out-of-the-box

Wedge is a toolbox for process data analysis, loop and maintenance diagnosis, processing status diagnosis, real-time process reporting and monitoring.

The software allows detailed diagnosis of large volumes of data from the most varied sources. All process data is analysed and evaluated and added to an overall view of the manufacturing process. The customizable user interface combines all user-relevant operating elements onto a centralized dashboard. This dashboard can be customized according to customer requirements or be adjusted easily by drag and drop. Using the easy-to-understand data evaluation tool, every user can identify marginal but unstable operating conditions, analyse their causes and resolve them, if necessary.

Wedge was developed by Savcor, a Finnish software company and process industry expert with a German office in Wolfegg (Allgäu).

Procedures and features at a glance

Wedge features a centralized server and connected clients at their respective workplaces. The server pools the process data generated by the individual departments. Currently, the software has over 20 database connections, which can be expanded with customer-specific interfaces. Every user can perform an interdepartmental process analysis via the client. The operator monitors their unit using a traffic light system, while the process engineer receives more detailed data via a customized dashboard. Trends can be accessed, compared and – depending on authorization – adjusted directly, down to the smallest processing step. Server data can also be accessed online, enabling 24/7 global monitoring and optimization, if necessary.

Automated root cause finding

Wedge automates the time-consuming search for problems, the so-called “root cause finding.” Algorithms determine the process sequence and recognize correlations that indicate imperfect processes. The measured values are visualized with a high level of detail, which allows for authentic prognoses. Without prior work, exact results can be generated, and root causes can be identified quickly and eliminated systematically. Standstills and irrelevant data can be hidden from the evaluation with just one click. Data clearing takes place exclusively inside the software and not in the databases themselves. The data is thus unaffected and can be reset to the original value. Because the software never intervenes in a manufacturing process, it never compromises the production operation.


Ever since the beginning of digitization and the accompanying “big data mining”, companies have been confronted by enormous amounts of data that can only be analysed and evaluated using software. Yet even this kind of data analysis requires a lot of time and often specially trained professionals. With Wedge, both issues can be avoided: The installation takes two days on site; employee training is one additional day and the software does not require any programming knowledge for its use and configuration.

Wedge is available to purchase as a site license, lease-purchase agreement, or a lease. This allows for the installation of the desired number of clients in the entire factory, offering long-term planning security.

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Concrete figures for Wedge
» Factory licence: Licence is independent of the number of users
» A price model tailored to company size
» Over 200 production lines in ten countries on three continents
» Currently largest data processing capacity with Wedge:
– 500 000 tags from ten databases of various production lines
– 10 terabytes of data
– over 1000 users
» Highest possible data security: Process data on the Wedge Server will always remain with the company
» Wedge is available in nine languages (ENG, GER, ESP, FR, POL, PRT, RUS, FIN, SWE)
» Wedge, in addition to being used in the paper, lumber, insulation and cement industry, is also being used successfully throughout
the entire process industry in numerous raw-material-based manufacturing processes (e.g. oil, chemicals, etc.)

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