With new aggregate plants, Sinoma Cement ­selects “effective tools to do good work”

Sinoma Cement Co., Ltd. is one of the largest and most dynamic cement manufacturers in the Peoples Republic of China. In 2012 the company decided to boost its aggregate production, both for its own use in cement production, and to supply aggregates to the Chinese construction market. In order to do this, Sinoma Cement has invested in two aggregate plants supplied by Sandvik Construction, consisting of feeders, screens, jaw and impact crushers.

Established on the 20.11.2003, Sinoma Cement Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinoma Co., Ltd. an H-share listed company on the Hong Kong stock Exchange. Affiliated to the Sinoma Group, a central enterprise directly managed by SASAC, Sinoma Cement is among the first group of AAA grade credit enterprises in China’s building materials industry. Additionally it is one of the twelve large cement groups which are directly supported by the government.

In 2007 the company created Sinoma (A­nhui) Cement Co., Ltd. as a wholly-owned subsidiary. With registered capital of 600 million yuan (100 million US$) and total assets of 2 billion yuan (315 million US$) the relatively new enterprise possesses extensive operations of over 660 000m². It now employs over 600 people, and is considered the largest producer of cement clinker in the central Anhui region of China. Its main products include cement, cement auxiliary materials, limestone powder, concrete products and cement products. The company has also enlarged its businesses into other fields, such as commercial concrete, admixture and aggregate.

The extensive production of clinker cement is facilitated through three production lines each with a daily output of 4500 t, with a total annual production of 5.4 million t. In addition over 5 million t of aggregates, in a variety of sizes, are produced annually. Thanks to the company’s own specialized wharf which is located at Lake Chao, 3.8 million t of a variety of aggregates and other materials are shipped each year to the Yangtze River delta, and then supplied to customers at various locations.

Aggregate production began in February 2012, with the company keen to see production ramped up to 5 million t annually. This would involve producing a variety of sizes for use in both cement manufacturing, and for sale to the construction industry. The plan was to construct three aggregate production lines, with two being fully operational and the third being used depending on specific market conditions.

When Sinoma (Anhui) Cement Co., Ltd. set about ramping up its aggregate manufacturing the company established very high standards, both for its own operations, and regarding the equipment it wished to use. In order to achieve these objectives, high quality equipment was not considered to be enough. The designated supplier of the aggregate plants would of course have to supply the plant, but also aftermarket support, pro-active servicing, and plant design. The latter had to be able to deliver the production required, and had to deliver low energy consumption, environmental protection, operator training as well as incorporate efficient transportation and stockpiling.

As would be expected from such an important player within the Chinese cement business Sinoma went about its search for a supplier that met its high standards methodically. Over the period of a year the company met with various manufacturers of aggregate plant, inspecting various facilities, and meeting with technical, service, aftermarket and planning experts.

Following this extensive and intensive process the final contract for all elements of the new aggregate plants was awarded to Sandvik Construction in China. This resulted in an order being placed for Sandvik to supply all the equipment, plan the processes, and support the equipment for two aggregate production lines. This is comprised of two SV1562 Grizzly Feeders, two CJ613 Jaw Crushers, two CI225 Impact Crushers, two SC3062 Circular Vibrating Screens and two SC3063 Circular Vibrating Screens. With this plant installed and commissioned Sinoma (Anhui) Cement is now able to produce five aggregate products consisting of: 31.5-16 mm, 16-10 mm, 10-5 mm, 5-3 mm and 3-0 mm.

As well as being able to provide badly needed accurately sized aggregates for the construction industry, Sinoma is also using the materials produced by the aggregate plants for its cement manufacturing. As the material for both aggregates and cement are being produced from the same quarry, the blasted rock is quite often of a large size, being around 1 m in diameter. This necessitated the use of a primary jaw crusher that would be able to accept a large feed size, but at the same time be able to reduce the fed rock prior to being fed into a secondary crusher.

The CJ613 Jaw Crusher has proved to be the ideal choice. As with all Sandvik jaw crushers the CJ613 is of a single toggle design, with a deep, symmetrical crushing chamber and easy setting adjustment. It has a large feed opening for its size and an ideal nip angle, giving smooth material flow, high reduction efficiency and high capacity. Behind the simple design are many advanced features that ensure easy operation and maintenance, long life and a low cost per ton. The CJ613 has been purpose-built for tough quarrying applications due to its heavy-duty design, and built on proven technology to offer the highest possible reliability in relation to price and performance.

Secondary crushing is then provided by the CI225 Impact Crushers, which have proved ideal for producing the next stage with the ideal shape, which has proved to be essential in catering for the demanding requirements of the market. The CI225 has been developed for the secondary crushing of non-abrasive rocks in aggregate production, although its attributes has seen it used extensively in the recycling industry, crushing a variety of materials including re-enforced concrete. It is designed on a simple working principle that encourages material to break along its natural cleavage planes, thereby producing excellent, stress-free, cubical-shaped products.

Following on from the crushing process the material is then sent for screening to produce the finished fractions. This is undertaken by two SC3062 and two SC3063 Circular Vibrating Screens. Sandv­ik’s SC screens can be used in a variety of screening applications but being of a more robust construction allow the feeding of a more coarse feed material size. Maximized versatility is ensured due to its choice of screening media, with acceleration being able to be increased up to 4.5 G depending on the application to ensure maximum screening efficiency.

Following screening and stockpiling the finished aggregates are then distributed across the area. This is accomplished due to highly efficient local waterway transport. This enables the material to be sent exactly where it is needed, being used in commercial concrete mixing plants in the major cities around Lake Chao and the lower and middle sections of the Yangtze River.

The saying “effective tools to do good work” is well known in China. Although Sinoma (Anhui) Cement Co., Ltd is very pleased to have selected what it considers to be highly effective tools, and they are certainly doing a good job, however that is only half the story. Through evaluating and investigating the choices available to it Sinoma has now a highly reliable, efficient and low cost operation all supported and maintained by expert Sandvik personnel. Due to the professional and practical solutions delivered by Sandvik Construction and its equipment, Sandvik will also now be supplying equipment for the Sinoma (Anhui) Cement Co., Ltd green mining operation.


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