World Cement Association announces Global Conference in Dubai

The World Cement Association has announced its 5th annual conference and exhibition will take place from 25th – 28th September 2022, in person at the Emirates Towers, Dubai/UAE. The conference will bring together global leaders and experts from the cement and wider hard-to-abate sector, showcasing progress the industry has made towards decarbonisation, and discussing further opportunities to improve competitiveness while also reducing carbon emissions.

This year’s theme is “Navigating the Climate Challenge: Reducing Carbon and Reducing Costs”, and will highlight that for many cement companies today – particularly in the MENA region – significant environmental gains can be made with very limited investments that also serve to lower costs.

The event will include a packed agenda, consisting of panel discussions, thematic workshops, CEO dialogues, presentations and networking opportunities. These sessions will cover pressing issues facing the industry, such as responding to climate change, high energy costs and post-Covid recovery, as well as new technologies, AI, and social issues, including climate justice and gender diversity.

The conference will be a unique opportunity for industry stakeholders, particularly those in the MENA region, to come together in person to discuss a common net zero roadmap, in preparation for the upcoming COP27 in Egypt and the following COP28 in the UAE. Delegates will learn about the latest technological developments while capitalising on local expertise and real-world case studies to achieve best practice, achieve operational and energy efficiency with minimal investment, and improve competitiveness at the same time as reducing carbon emissions.

The conference will also feature updates on other work being carried out by WCA, including a decarbonisation decision tool for use at plant level, covering areas such as energy efficiency, fuel switching, clinker factor and SCMs, reducing CKD losses and false air.

“I’m very much looking forward to meeting many of my colleagues from around the world in person again after so long, and discussing some of the advances our industry has made, as well as improvements that are necessary to confront the major and urgent environmental and technological challenges that the cement sector faces,” said Ian Riley, WCA CEO. “This year’s conference will bring together industry leaders and experts to promote effective investments and tangible decarbonisation efforts ahead of inevitable regulatory changes, and set out a sectoral decarbonisation framework that accelerates industrial excellence”.



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