World premiere at bauma 2016: The Liebherr R 922 crawler excavator for less regulated markets

In Munich, Liebherr presented a new crawler excavator model series, whose diesel engines satisfy the emissions standards Stage IIIA / Tier 3 / CHINA III.

As a world premiere Liebherr presented the new crawler excavator R 922. The demonstration model was equipped with a 5.7 m monoblock boom and 2.9 m dipper arm, as well as a 1.15 m³ backhoe bucket. Its LC travel mechanism is 2380 mm wide. The 22-tonne machine was developed especially for use in earthmoving, digging and drainage/sewerage work and has an output of 110 kW/150 hp. The concept of the ­Liebherr R 922 is based on European standards and aims to improve reliability, as well as generate even higher productivity on the construction site – with lower fuel consumption at the same time.

The market launch of the R 922 is accompanied by a complete renewal of all crawler excavator models for these markets between 20 and 25 tonnes. In addition to the R 922, this also includes the models R 920 and R 924 with operating weights of 21 tonnes and 24 tonnes respectively and outputs of 110 kW/150 hp and 125 kW/170 hp. The robust travel mechanism, the optimised Liebherr tooth system Z for attachments, as well as the optional backhoe bucket in a heavy-duty version, ensure long and efficient use of the new crawler excavator.

With a new maintenance concept Liebherr was able to reduce the costs of excavator maintenance. For instance, with the R 922 the maintenance elements are positioned close together and are ­easily accessible from the ground. The auto­matic central lubrication system is installed as standard and leads to increased productivity resulting from time savings.

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