Xpert Eye – smart glasses solution for industry

AMA (Advanced Mobile Applications) is offering a “See what I see” solution based on smart glasses. As an application for smart glasses from different manufacturers, Xpert Eye allows a faraway observer to support the wearer of the glasses with his expertise. Xpert Eye is an ideal solution, for instance, for remote maintenance in industry or for training employees or in education. The user’s hands stay free for the actual work.

Expertise in real time in any place

Xpert Eye provides expertise in real time wherever it is needed at the time. All the while, the experts see exactly the same thing as the wearer of the glasses on site and can thus, offer immediate assistance and guide them through their work process. Xpert Eye allows the recording of real-time videos and photos of what’s happening as well as enabling the reducing and enlarging of image details in order to transfer them in real time to the expert anywhere in the world. The expert, in turn, can advise his colleague on site via voice transmission as well as the marking of image areas and display the necessary instructions visually on the smart glasses. The expert draws directly into the picture which the on-site colleague is seeing at the time and can point out the smallest details and explain them vocally at the same time.

From the expert’s side, only a WebRTC compatible browser will be necessary which runs on any device (PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Via the link, one can log in at any time and from any place. As the hands of the person wearing the smart glasses stay free, maximum freedom of action is guaranteed and there is no delay during work.

Another great advantage of Xpert Eye is that the on-site colleagues are literally being educated by experts in a “learning by doing” process while they are working.

Technical details

The Xpert Eye service is always based on a combination of hardware and software which is provided as a complete preconfigured package by AMA. As transmission devices from smart glasses to the experts, for Xpert Eye, specifically set-up smartphones or laptops are used. Primarily, these only have the AMA Xpert Eye Service and a few very important and necessary applications installed in order to guarantee a stable and safe operability of AMA Xpert Eye.

The data is transmitted via Wi-Fi, LAN or mobile phone connection from the transmission device to which the smart glasses are connected for a maximized stable connection via USB cable. Furthermore, very long operation of the smart glasses is assured because the glasses are powered via USB cable. The system offers a real “plug and work”. This way, the glasses can be plugged in and unplugged during operation without needing further configuration steps. Once connected, they work without the user taking further action. Via an intuitive interface, it is possible for non-trained employees to work with and operate the solution right away.

The connection between the transmission device and the server is strongly encrypted in order to guarantee maximum data security. The AMA servers don’t save any data. Instead, they create a direct connection between the respective participants so that only the AMA partners have full control of the data.

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