Founded in 1906, Loesche already has a very long relationship with ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum. From the very beginning ZKG has been a reliable partner for us as an international trade journal; characterized by its practical approach with in-depth research as well as profound technical expertise and editorial reporting.

Loesche has evolved over the past decades from a mill manufacturer (Loesche VRM vertical roller mill) to a provider of innovative and sustainable solutions. Loesche has expanded its competencies and knowledge through vertical integration and strengthened the worldwide Loesche Group by acquiring companies. To meet the challenges of the worldwide market, especially with regard to digitalization and sustainability:

Digital Ready 4.0!: Loesche’s portfolio of digital products that serves ideally the core needs of cement producers. Loesche, kingsblue, aixprocess and Dalog are technology partners and digital experts. Integration of process control systems, combined machine surveillance tools and platform-based asset and supply chain solutions with expert systems let our customers increase operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Loesche’s Green Key Solutions: For Loesche, CO2 reduction and cement composite materials have priority. It has already developed and put into operation, together with Dynamis (the youngest member in the Loesche Group), several solutions to produce calcined clay. This includes the production of calcined clay in rotary kilns, modern flash calciners and conversions of existing kilns. Besides, Loesche conducts research in many other fields, such as concrete recycling, the usage of steel slag as supplementary cementitious material (SCM) and the production of ultra fine materials.

We wish the whole ZKG team to remain as professional as you are and always to have a good hand for recognizing and pointing out future trends with a critical view.