Scheuch has had a long-standing partnership with ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum. The magazine is read with great pleasure in our company. The technically well-founded articles are well received. Another connection – Scheuch is also celebrating an anniversary. Ten years ago, the world’s first semi-dust SCR plant was put into operation in an Austrian cement plant.  This was the starting signal for new technologies from Scheuch.

We see considerable growth opportunities for the Scheuch Group in the future as well. The market potential for the topics of “environmental and climate protection” is more present than ever before. In order to make the most of these opportunities and implement them effectively, new, intelligent systems are also constantly needed with which data can be collected, evaluated and analyzed. At Scheuch, we see digitization as a basic prerequisite for tomorrow’s business. Customer benefit is always the top priority here. Only with intelligent, digital systems do we create the best possible interaction with our customers. For example, our networked systems make it possible to initiate predictive service on site today. At Scheuch, digitization will be a top strategic priority in the future, because we know that the era of automation, networking, robotics, AI and machine learning has already begun – we have already jumped on this inexorably moving train.

As a leading international environmental technology company, we have been contributing to the protection of the environment and people every day since 1963 with our systems for reducing particulate matter and pollutant emissions as well as the reduction of CO2 pollution. Scheuch helps industry to produce in a clean, energy-saving and environmentally friendly manner and also to more than meet the increasingly stringent statutory environmental requirements. We are aware of our responsibility as an industrial company and are also permanently reducing our own ecological footprint. This includes both the development of low-consumption and low-emission products and processes, the possibility of reusing resources, and the prudent behavior of every employee towards property, resources and fellow human beings. The cement industry is faced with the challenge of having to comply with ever stricter emission regulations and is constantly on the lookout for new and creative solutions. Cement plants offer a forward-looking opportunity in the direction of climate-friendly recycling management. Scheuch is a reliable partner here, and its innovative waste gas purification and dedusting systems enable recycling and substitute fuels to be used without releasing harmful emissions.

Basically, we would like to see the high level of reporting continue. So just – keep it up!