When I held my first issue of ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum in my hands, some 28 years ago, I was a freshman to the cement industry. My department head handed the print magazine to me with the words “This is the leading journal for the cement industry. It publishes the main scientific findings, technical developments as well as statements from official institutions and industry leaders”. Having had experience only with either purely scientific publications on the one hand or automotive magazines on the other, I was surprised about the mixture of scientific findings and seemingly “ordinary” descriptions of non-idealities of cement plants. Actually, it took me several years to find out, that these specialties of the cement production technologies and plant operations are inevitable in our industry and are essentially the reason for decades of curiosity and excitement despite always working on the same subjects for years.

Since then, ZKG has always accompanied me in my professional life. Certainly, in the course of time, additional journals came up, but the amount of know-how and findings to be communicated is large enough to fill many journals for the cement industry. In our industry, every plant has different operation conditions, different feedstock, different permitting and legal frameworks and different operational boundary conditions – every plant is different in the end. Therefore, it is all the more important to communicate the full view on this, including the many unique specialties, and that’s why the service of ZKG is so important for us. In the name of all employees of KHD Humboldt Wedag around the world I would like to congratulate ZKG for 111 years of excellent service to the cement, lime and gypsum industries. We extend our best wishes for the coming decades – we are going to need ZKG especially in the coming years of extensive change!