Semen Indonesia joins the World Cement Association

The World Cement Association announced it has further expanded its international network of members by welcoming Semen Indonesia, one of Indonesia's cement industry market leader, as an Associate Corporate Member.

“One of WCA’s key ambitions is to more effectively engage emerging-market players in the global cement ecosystem,” explains Ian Riley, CEO at WCA. “We are therefore particularly pleased to welcome Semen Indonesia to our global community and look forward to the valuable contribution they will be able to make to our efforts to share and improve best practice among members.”

Semen Indonesia maintains an annual production capacity of 51 million t/a, which is shipped to customers across Indonesia, but also Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Philippines, China, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Africa, Timor-Leste and other countries.

The company has cement plants in Lhoknga in Aceh, Indarung in West Sumatera, Narogong in West Java, Rembang and Cilacap in Central Java, Gresik and Tuban in East Java, Pangkep in South Sulawesi also in Vietnam. It represents about 53 % percent of Indonesia’s domestic cement sales.

“At Semen Indonesia, our guiding principle is that we are building the power of advancing Indonesia, and while we are very proud of what we have achieved to date, our ability to collaborate with partners internationally will be ever more important as we move forward with the next stage of growth for both our company and our country,” said Hendi Prio Santoso, President Director at Semen Indonesia.

“We are delighted to be joining the WCA, and especially appreciate the value they place on ensuring all members have the opportunity to be equally represented, as well as the emphasis on sharing new ideas and technologies globally”.

In 1991, the company was the first state-owned enterprise that went public on the Indonesia stock exchange. Semen Indonesia’s business also comprises coal, limestone and clay mining, cement sack manufacturing, ready-mix concrete manufacturing, industrial area leasing and information and communication technology provisioning.

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