Indocement places order with Siemens

The Siemens Drive Technologies Division has received an order to upgrade cement plants from PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. (Indocement), Indonesia. A major part of the project will be migrating the previous process control system of a competitor to the Simatic PCS 7-based process control system Cemat. Siemens will also take care of the software engineering, installing I/O modules, and control and engineering stations, PLC programming as well as signal tests and commissioning.

With the Cemat process control system based on Simatic PCS 7, Siemens offers the Indonesian cement manufacturer an innovative process for integrated process operation, monitoring, and control. This ensures reliable and safe plant operation as well as simple maintenance. Thanks to the flexible system architecture, it will be possible to install the new control system within a very short time without interrupting operation of the plant. The system will be implemented in six out of twelve cement production lines. The scope of supply includes I/O modules and control cabinets, PLC controllers, and control and engineering consoles. In the system change, Siemens is responsible for project planning, engineering, supply, and commissioning including local support. The existing system will be upgraded to the new process control system from Siemens in three phases over three years.

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Indocement places order with Siemens

The Siemens Drive Technologies ­Division has received an order to upgrade ­cement plants from PT Indocement Tunggal ­Prakarsa Tbk. (Indocement), ­Indonesia. A major part of the project will be...

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