Gebr. Pfeiffer hydrators aid in meeting EPA requirements in a flue gas desulphurization system

In 2014, Oklahoma Gas & Electric Corp. (OG&E) – which serves over 810000 electric consumers in Oklahoma and Arkansas – began implementing a $1.1 billion capital improvements plan to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clean air mandates at some of its power plants. As a result, two Circulating Dry Scrubbers for air pollution control will be added to the coal-fired units at OG&E’s Sooner Power Plant located near Red Rock, Oklahoma. The lime hydrating units for the Andritz scrubbers will be supplied by Gebr. Pfeiffer.
In June 2015, as part of an AQCS (Air Quality Control System) for Sooner Power Plant units 1 and 2, ANDRITZ Inc. of Columbia, Maryland, placed an order with Gebr. Pfeiffer for four lime hydrator systems. The scope of supply will include four KLV02/ 630-4.0 hydrators, weigh feeders, bag filters for dedusting of the hydrators’ exhaust vapors, erection and start-up services, as well as training. The KLV KLV02/ 630-4.0 hydrators allow for ‘dry injection’ – the process of adding water to pebble lime in order to produce a dry, volume-stable lime hydrate.
Delivery of the lime hydrator systems (two for each unit) is planned for July 2016 for unit 1 and December 2016 for unit 2. OG&E has to comply with the EPA federal regulations by January 2019.

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