We’ll meet again at Powtech in 2022

With combined strength, people all over the world have risen to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic in recent months. The spirit of cooperation and creativity unleashed by the crisis show that ...

Spotlight STARLINGER & CO. G.M.B.H.

Covid-19: Starlinger keeps the ball rolling 

As a consequence of the Corona pandemic, many companies had to downsize operations or even shutdown totally unless they were deemed “essential” to healthcare or infrastructure. However, the Austrian ...

Digitalization SIEMENS AG

Solutions for security by design

Securing automation and IT systems against cyberattacks and manipulation is a top priority in almost every plant and project. However, many operators lack the required expertise to identify risks and ...


Looking for alternatives everywhere

Did you notice how differently we have been using the term “alternative” recently? About a year ago, many decisions were still “without alternative”, but today changes to eternal and undeniable laws ...