US 2024/0010555 A1

Cement compositions with 3D graphene carbons

(22) 07.09.2023

(43) 11.01.2024

(57) Cement compositions including ordinary Portland cement, a secondary cementitious material (SCM) including one or more of pozzolan, metakaolin, limestone, or gypsum in an amount of up to approximately 70% of a replacement level of ordinary Portland cement, and between approximately 0.05% by weight of cement (bwoc) and 2% bwoc of aggregates of mesoporous carbon nanoparticles (3DG) carbons. The cement compositions regulate nucleation and time-lapsed growth of calcium silica hydrates during initial hydration. The 3DG carbons include aggregates of mes-oporous carbon nanoparticles, which include one or more interconnected bundles of electrically conductive graphene layers. The 3DG carbons include oxygen containing func-tional groups disposed on one or more of the surfaces of the 3DG carbons or within the 3DG carbons.

(71) Lyten, Inc., San Jose, CA (US)


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