CN114591038 (A)

Cement powder and preparation method thereof

(22) 19.04.2022

(43) 07.06.2022

(57) The invention relates to the field of building materials, in particular to cement powder and a preparation method thereof. The cement powder comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 50-80 parts of cement clinker; 5-10 parts of a noise reduction material; the noise reduction material comprises a noise reduction body, and the noise reduction body comprises aluminum, a foaming agent, polypropylene powder and polyester sound absorption cotton powder. 4-10 parts of a binding material; the binding material is prepared from a phthalic ester coupling agent JTW-133 and isopropyl tristearate titanate; the preparation method comprises the following steps: S1, primary mixing: mixing the noise reduction material and the binding material according to a formula to obtain a primary mixture; s2, blending: mixing the primary mixture with cement clinker to obtain cement powder. The cement powder provided by the invention has the effect of reducing adverse effects of noise on residents.

(71) Ningbo New Guangbillion Building Mat Limited Company (CN)


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