WO 2024/081951 A1

Context-responsive systems and methods for operating a carbon removal facility

(22) 16.10.2023

(43) 18.04.2024

(57) Some protocols herein implement a first separation between first and second hybrid biochar production runs as a selective and conditional response to a sensor-based event whereby the first hybrid biochar production run is protected from a risk pertaining to the second hybrid biochar production run. Some variants implement synergies featuring biochar pyrolysis in close proximity to calcination or that otherwise facilitate durable „green cement.“ Some variants implement a production line that can switch between a first operating protocol calibrated to yield more power and a second operating protocol calibrated to reduce a biochar-blend-type inventory shortage. And in some variants steam from one or more heaters powers a first turbine and a first condenser downstream is positioned adjacent an oxygen-depleted vessel so that some of the thermal energy recaptured during condensation is applied to produce biochar.

(71) Myno Carbon Corp., Washington (US)


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