Efficient Silo Refurbishment with REMAPUR-75

Sustainable operation of the multi-chamber system enabled for another 20 years

Fast, safe, cost-effective, sustainable - REMAPUR-75 proves to be the superior solution for the refurbishment of a mixing silo at RUF Baustoffe. Thanks to the sprayable wear protection, the experts from Rema Tip Top overhaul the worn multi-chamber silo system in just three and a half weeks for a continued service life of up to 20 years.

These kinds of projects “Made in Germany” show how the construction industry is getting ready for the future. “Without the Rema Tip Top solution, we would no longer be able to operate the mixing silo to our production requirements in the short term. We would have had to replace it with a new building,” explains Karl Ruf, owner of RUF Baustoffe in Wassertrüdingen, Germany. “This partnership underlines how crucial innovative solutions and technical expertise are for efficiency, sustainability and profitability in the construction industry.”

With developments in surface technology, Rema Tip Top is improving the wear and surface protection of heavily used equipment. “An important aspect of our technology is sprayable wear protection, which has proven to be an effective method of extending the service life of components and machines,” explains Peter Jansen, Head of Surface Technology OFT at Rema Tip Top West in Kamen, Germany. The highly elastic polyureabased coating material offers high resistance to wear, abrasion, corrosion, chemical attacks and other damaging influences.

State-of-the-art technology and a strong focus on quality assurance characterize the tailormade solutions offered by RUF Baustoffe. Prefabricated components, which only need to be assembled on site, enable cost-saving construction. The high-quality, individual concrete parts are computer-controlled and produced in their specialized plants. A long-term loss of capacity would be difficult to compensate for. This was the challenging situation when a multi-chamber silo at the RUF site in Wassertrüdingen showed signs of wear and tear and rust. As a sustainable alternative to expensive and lengthy new construction, the company was looking for a partner with the expertise and technology to safely refurbish the silo while keeping the downtime of the entire production process to a minimum. After the search for a qualified refurbisher had initially been unsuccessful, Rema Tip Top came into play. The experts from Kamen took on the difficult challenge and offered RUF Baustoffe a comprehensive, efficient solution from a single source.

Rema Tip Top plans the entire renovation, mobilizes specialized partners for the sheet metal and steel work and final-ly applies its advanced PU spray coating. REMAPUR-75 enables the multi-chamber silo to be renovated quickly and completely in just three and a half weeks. The Rema Tip Top experts treat 1500 m2 of surface with 15000 kg of spray coating. The strengths of the PU material include: seamless application, adaptability to different surfaces, adaptable physical properties, fast curing and high durability. Rema Tip Top offers their customer a reliable solution and minimizes production downtime during the renovation phase. In addition, the PU coating ensures a significant reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs in the long term and promises to extend the service life of the silo by up to 20 years.


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