Holcim launches global Innovation Hub
to accelerate sustainable building

On 6 September 2023 Holcim opened its Innovation Hub to showcase its sustainable building solutions and serve as a co-creation lab to accelerate low-carbon, circular and energy-efficient building worldwide. Spread across three floors, the Hub offers working spaces to host start-ups and think tanks to accelerate innovation together. It will also serve as an urban dialogue platform to explore the future of sustainable cities and their construction via interactive exhibits and events.

The Innovation Hub is located in Holcim’s Global R&D Center in Lyon/France, where more than 200 researchers are dedicated to developing sustainable building solutions. Holcim’s experts cut across all fields of building, from masons and engineers, to material scientists and experts in artificial intelligence. The center is focused on leading research, from low-carbon formulation and circular construction all the way to green retrofitting for energy-efficient buildings in use.

The immersive showroom showcases how Holcim is decarbonizing building across its lifecycle, featuring:

Low-carbon materials like ECOPact® concrete and ECOPlanet® cement

Roofing and insulation systems that drive energy efficiency, from Elevate boards to Airium®

Circular construction solutions, such as Holcim’s proprietary ECOCycle® circular technology platform to recycle construction demolition materials into new building solutions

Through an annual program of events featuring start-ups, think tanks and working groups, Holcim’s Innovation Hub will foster forward-looking exchanges with key stakeholders across the construction value chain to accelerate the shift to sustainable building.



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